Friday, 03 March 2023
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If you wish to race with us but couldn't enroll in time before the start of the season or didn't obtain a regular seat during the Winter Series, here's what you can do:

1) We have a partner league called FiHSF1 which is actively looking for drivers. Both SRHF1 and FiHSF1 are using the same cars and tracks throughout the season in order to facilitate inter-league racing. Here's some important information about them:


2) You may also, besides racing in FiHSF1, put down your name as a reserve driver for SRHF1. Usually, there are a couple of drivers that can't make a race, in that case, we resort to our reserve drivers. By including you in the reserve driver list, we expect that you will be practicing with us and attend at least our Official Practices on Tuesdays before a race so that we can gauge your performance. Eventually, if you perform well, and a seat opens, an opportunity will present itself to have a permanent seat.

Please do not add yourself to the reserve driver list if you are not really intending to participate with us. In the past, we've had numerous drivers simply adding their names and never even showing up on track. We are a serious league and we are only looking forward to having serious and responsible people around. If you are really serious and responsible, then by all mean join us!
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Josh Mills

I will do my best to be here for Tuesday practices. My hockey game ends at 9:30 so that puts me getting home at 10pm. Will log on as soon as I can to log some laps and participate in the practice race.
Stuart Bartosiak

Hi, I'd also like to join as a reserve please. Been racing with Josh for years and he pointed me this way. I won't be able to make every practice as I'm in the UK and its very late twice in quick succession but I'll do my best. Should be able to do 50% though.
Edit: I'll aim to attend all the practice races and if theres enough space for the proper race. Bonus.
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