We have a new world champion crowned at SimRacingHub F1, the Macedonian and Ferrari driver, Ivan Georgiev.

The showdown for the Drivers Championship began when the Ferrari drivers locked the second row behind the two Mercedes in Qualifying. Mackey was coming to this race needing to outscore his teammate Georgiev by 16 points in order to win the title. The race didn't pan out for car #17 (Mackey) when a series of mistakes and incidents put him in the midfield, meanwhile, Georgiev held his calm and was doing exactly what he needed, to secure at least a 5th place result. A small mistake saw him drop some positions when he was penalized for speeding in the pit lane and had to serve a 10-second stop/go penalty but in the end, it did not cost him much as he still managed to finish in 4th.

The championship was decided on lap 19 when Cory Mackey was disqualified for driving the wrong way in the pit lane, automatically handing the title to his teammate.

After everything was decided upfront, there was still a battle happening for 3rd in the Teams Championship between Williams and SRHF1. With Riera alone in the race lead, it was all out for second place between Otto Acosta (Williams) and Janos Magasrevy (SRHF1). Jacobo Cardozo (SRHF1) was a few spots behind and Richard Haynie (Williams) barely in the points. The SRHF1 team needed to outscore Williams by 10 points to move up to third in the championship. With two laps to go, Magasrevy made a move on Acosta and took second place, but it was not going to be enough when all cars crossed the finish line and the results were in. Both teams ended up with the same amount of points (297) but Williams came ahead in the tie-breaker by one more second-place finish!

2019 is now in the books, we had a fantastic season this year with a fierce rivalry between Mercedes and Ferrari, between Mackey and Montero/Riera. We had lots of midfield battles and several different race winners. All-in-all, one of our best seasons yet, with the championship being decided on the last round and a strong grid throughout the year.

It is now time to shut down the garages for a couple of months before we kick-off 2020 in February with the Winter Series.

Thanks for following and we'll see you again next year!

SRHF1 2019 21 UAE P

SRHF1 2019 21 UAE Q

SRHF1 2019 21 UAE R

SRHF1 2019 21 UAE S