It took more than four years for Janos Magasrevy to get back to the top step of the podium after taking the chequered flag in the SRHF1 2019 Mexican Grand Prix.

The race was originally scrapped on Thursday due to technical difficulties and was moved to Tuesday, October 29th. The Mercedes duo had a front-row lockout with Riera in Pole Position.

The race, however, evolved very differently. Acosta took an early lead and disappeared into the distance. The Williams driver led for 59 laps until his brakes gave away. At this point, the lead was wide open with Montero taking P1 momentarily until his brakes failed as well. Then it was Glyn Cooper in the Red Bull who took the lead with about 10 laps to go.

From this point, the race was about who could make their tires last longer, Cooper had worn hard tires since lap 34 while Magasrevy had the same tires since lap 36. It looked like Richard Walcott was going to be the one taking the win after pitting for a fresh set of mediums on lap 56. However, the mediums lost performance towards the end of the stint, taking Walcott out of the picture. It was now between Cooper and Magasrevy with 3 laps to go. Magasrevy was reducing the gap with each lap until a slide at turn 17 cost Cooper the lead. Magasrevy would end up in first, Cooper second 4 seconds behind, and Fisher a well-deserved 3rd beating Richard Walcott and setting the fastest lap of the race.

We are down to three races to close out the 2019 season, with the Drivers Championship getting potentially decided next race if Ivan Georgiev can manage to out-score his teammate Cory Mackey by 10 points or more.

Stay tuned for the SRHF1 2019 United States Grand Prix from Circuit of the Americas this coming Thursday!

Here are the entire official results for the SRHF1 2019 Mexican Grand Prix:

SRHF1 2019 18 MEX P

SRHF1 2019 18 MEX Q

SRHF1 2019 18 MEX R

SRHF1 2019 18 MEX S