Thursday, 26 May 2022
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Hi. Is anyone available & interested in being my teammate for 4.8 hours of Le Mans race on June 18th? I drive in GT Pro Class with a Nissan GTR GT3. Currently 2nd in championship after 5 rounds.

Its the only Endurance race this year over 144 minutes. I'd try to drive alone otherwise, but I have a baby shower that evening @5pm to attend for my latest addition to family. I can see my wife now complaining that im simracing & not on time for ceremony. i dont need that smoke:D

Race starts 11am eastern, But you know things happen. But lets say perfect world, it starts on time, I'll do the first 3 stints, usually 1hr long fuel stints with GT cars.
Just need driver to finish last 110minutes or so.
(2:00est to 4:30est)
2pm would be the login to discord teamspeak & server as spectator. So we can organize the driver swap.

The league is CMS (champion motorsports). They made scratch mod that includes some bop for dlc gt3 content. Some may remember we use to do special events back from rf1 early rf2 days. Alot of members are teaming up but i just dont understand why you'd help your title rival get the same amount points in a race. For this round only, CMS is allowing members to have a driver that isnt full time in the series, so long as they put in necessary minimum laps before race.

anyway, hmu if interested.
2 months ago
send me instructions in discord BG ill try some laps and see if Im any good
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