Monday, 04 October 2021
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Please share your experience and findings in this thread.

In order to obtain the password for the race, please register at the following link:

After registering, you should receive a confirmation email that includes the password for the race.

All results will be posted on the official event page:

- Qualifying: Clear | 29° C | Rain Chance 0%
- Practice/Race: Clear | 32° C | Rain Chance 0%

- Otto Acosta (Race Ban, accumulation of license points)


In accordance with Article 9 of the regulations, here are the officials for this event:

Race director
- Janos Magasrevy (backup: Otto Acosta)

- Jacobo Cardozo
- John Williamson
- Darren Fisher
- Glyn Cooper
- Richard Haynie

Backup Stewards
- Ezequiel Montero
- Otto Acosta
- Cory Mackey
- Edmundo Martinez

Reports must be made in accordance with Article 10 of the regulations.
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4 days ago
Stewards continue to surprise, not surprise in 2021!

Neither Qualifying 1 penalties make any sense...

Since when is "Blocking" (penalty to Bill) illegal?? :D Maybe BigJohnW (if he's not watching my cockpit cam) can tell us where that one is written in the regs here... SRH Regulations Oh, my mistake!.. as BigW said previously, "Because is a short time these five don't NEED to look up the rule that was broken because it is their job to know the rules, Sort of like all the drivers." Okay then, so instead of asking BigW to tell which rule is written and says blocking is illegal, I'll ask any or all five stewards to simply call out that article (without a fabrication of your imagination please). ... ... ... crickets chirp chirp :D :D

Dave's penalty is even more baffling... "causing a collision". I thought Bill's stage act was cute and pretty, but even Bill didn't actually accuse Dave of breaking any specific rule article. Only that basically his ego took a bit of a hit due to somebody passing him on an outlap. Oh heaven forbid somebody gets passed on a race track, AND on an outlap to boot! Wow! I did like the buildup and attempt to make it seem like Dave committed a crime or even broke a rule by even attempting to pass... clever! Then after looking at the incident itself numerous times during recent days, it's very clear that Dave made a clean and fair attempt to pass, even leaving more than a lane outside for Bill where he be before Bill moved left into Dave's already-secured lane. So basically it looks & sounds like Dave was criminalized for clean driving against a driver who actually caused a crime. :p :o :D

There's a clear difference between stewarding, applying a WRITTEN rulebook (which BTW is fairly simple to do, you can almost copy/paste even) compared to imaginative fabrication application. What we have here is the latter.

2 for 2 on that one boys!.. c'mon BigW... ;)
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