Sunday, 02 May 2021
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hello pilots,
Our league has been using your mod for a few years now and I take the liberty of writing to you to notify you of a few remarks about the mod which in my opinion lacks realism compared to the real F1, the tire pressure is not at all realistic because in the mod even by putting the pressures at the highest we are still below the true values, and what about the wear which is too accentuated in the mod the tires wear out much too quickly. the top speed is also much lower than real cars and finally the aerodynamics lack reality because even on fast circuits we have medium or medium strong downforce when we should have little downforce.
So I'm wondering if you have any further upgrades to the mod planned during the season and if so can you take a look at those thoughts.
Marino Sandiford
more than a month ago

Part of the tire issue is something that we would need rFactor to fix. The uneven heat pattern has been part of rF2 since it came out. Just like tire temps going way up when to spin the tires in the grass vs on the track. I wish they would fix that.

Every year the guys who work on the mod make guesses about how the real changes in F1 will change the performance and how to mimic that in the mod. Sometimes you get it rather close and sometimes you don't. Keep in mind we start with someone else's product and modify it. We don't create it from scratch. I'll wait for others more involved with the process to post their views to see if I am correct, but I think a few years back certain physics settings were made hidden that we could change before. That does impose some limits to what we can do.

As to your points on tire wear and downforce levels, I think you will find that that all depends on the driver and setup. We have some drivers who can really make the tires last and others who struggle. Some drivers can race at lower downforce levels than others as well. Not everyone can get the same speeds in the corners as the best guys.

I may be speaking out of turn for Janos, but I don't think the goal of the mod is to equal the real F1 top speeds, corner speeds, downforce levels at all tracks and that stuff. I don't think anyone can do that. Even Williams in F1 can't do that, right? I think the goal is to get close but also have a mod that is fun to drive and keep plenty of league guys coming back week after week.

Let's see of others call me nuts for typing all this.
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