Friday, 05 March 2021
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The SRHF1 2021 Winter Series has now concluded. We will now start the team and teammate selection process as per Article 8.5 of the Regulations:

8.5 - The Team and Teammate selection process is as follows:

- Starting from the immediate publication of the 2021 Winter Series Championship final standings, a topic on the forum will be opened indicating the selection order.
- The selection order is based on the top 14 drivers from the previous season's ranking. Top 14 drivers are here now referred to as "Seeded" Driver(s).
- The top 6 drivers from the 2021 Winter Series Championship final standings complete the remaining 6 available seats.
- Should a Seeded Driver not enroll as a full-time driver for the season, the 7th best driver from the Winter Series Championship Standings will be added to the selection order and so on and so forth.
- Drivers are responsible for monitoring the forum topic and be ready to announce their selections.
- Drivers must pre-arrange their teammate selection prior to announcing it on the forum topic.
- Drivers must announce their teams and teammates in the forum as indicated by the selection order.
- Selection will be considered final once all twenty (20) seats have been filled and assigned a team.

Selection Order

01. Ezequiel Montero (done)
02. Otto Acosta (done)
03. Janos Magasrevy (done)
04. Richard Walcott (done)
05. Cory Mackey (done)
06. Ivan Georgiev (done)
07. Glyn Cooper (done)
08. Richard Haynie (done)
09. Darren Fisher (done)
10. Jeff Oppenheim (done)
11. Sean Higgins (done)
12. David Carney (done)
13. Mat Harto (done)
14. John Cook (done)
15. Argenis Riera (done)
16. Bill Worrel (done)
17. Juan DelCastillo (done)
18. Stephen Foley (done)
19. Ronny Farias (done)
20. Steve Carney (done)

Reserve/Stand-by Drivers

- Adam Freitas
- Steve Shuttleworth
- Thomas Shepherd
- Deuce Michaels
- Jeroen van Heumen
- Gabriel Smith
- cliff vanleeuwaarde
- Jean-Pierre
- Elisee Jean
- Ben Fascelli
- Danny Corriveau


Scuderia Ferrari
03 - Richard Walcott
31 - Mat Harto

Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen
21 - Janos Magasrevy
91 - Ivan Georgiev

Renault DP World F1 Team
29 - Ezequiel Montero
43 - Argenis Riera

BWT Racing Point F1 Team
27 - Bill Worrel
30 - Ronny Farias

Haas F1 Team
05 - Sean Higgins
45 - Stephen Foley

McLaren F1 Team
44 - Otto Acosta
57 - Richard Haynie

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team
17 - Cory Mackey
22 - Juan DelCastillo

Williams Racing
14 - Jeff Oppenheim
07 - John Cook

Scuderia Alpha Tauri Honda
66 - David Carney
54 - Steve Carney

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
88 - Glyn Cooper
99 - Darren Fisher
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Car #27
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car #54
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#14 please
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This now concludes the team and teammate selection process.

We will now begin working on the mod update to reflect the new numbers and driver lineup. We are targeting the release of the mod no later than March 18th. That's one week before the start of the season.
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