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  3. Tuesday, 24 November 2020
As usual, at the end of a season, I'll share some data about our attendance:



Although not our highest average attendance year by raw numbers, 2020 was our highest in the percentage of the grid on each race. We had 92.75% of the grid full on average, which exceeds our previous best year in 2018 which had 89.39%. Of course, 2020 was a special year with the Coronavirus which in a way I think helped our attendance with all of you locked down in your homes :p. Nevertheless, this is a great achievement for our league and I would like to thank all of you for your commitment and passion for our "sport".

Here are a few more graphs:



I think a 20-race calendar is perfect for us, the two seasons we went beyond 20 (2018 and 2019) we saw only 16 drivers at the end. This could be attributed to the track (Abu Dhabi) or to people just being tired.

Overall this was a great year, with intense competition at the top and a disputed midfield. We had 6 different race winners and a constructors championship that got decided in the last round. I also saw substantial improvement at the back which is really good.

Next year will be a pivotal year for us as we have to make a decision whether to stick with rF2 beyond 2021 or to switch to a different platform in order for our league to grow even more. I still wish to have a proper two-division system where drivers can be promoted/demoted based on performance more frequently.


P.S. Here's a bonus table!

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Janos Magasrevy
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I would just like to comment on the F1 mod you are using.
As you know i drop in once in awhile just because i'm addicted to racing and i had some time recently to do a few laps at brazil.
I did over 230 laps with setups i had used before and could'nt break the 1:10's like last year at this track and then i recieved a setup from one of the top drivers in the league.
I Instantly i was doing1:08's then 107's after 10 laps. I experimented quite a bit with setups this year as with covid i had alot of time off and it just shows how narrow the setup window is. Maybe a reason for the drop in attendance over the year.
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