Hungarian Grand Prix

Formula 1 2015
 Registration Closed
Date: Thursday, 23 July 2015

Venue: Hungaroring  |  City: Budapest, Hungary


Hungary Requirements 

Fastest laps in red are above the required 107% from the average of the top 3 fastest laps.

Completed laps in red are bellow the required 25 laps.

Drivers in green are clear to race up to this point.


Results Practice
Hungary Practice Results


Driver Substitutions For This Race
In Out Team
- Argenis Riera Red Bull
- Franco Bianco Red Bull
- Andrea Ventura Ferrari
- Jay Knight Marussia
- Craig Hunter Marussia


Qualifying Results
Hungary Qualifying Results


Unofficial Race Results
Hungary Race Unofficial Results


Results Incidents
Incident Involving Time Outcome Rule Status
Velazco (Toro Rosso) - Cardozo (Williams) 543 - - No further action
Higgins (Force India) - Campisciano (Ferrari) 695 - - No further action
Thomas (Caterham) - Montero (Lotus) 1160 Thomas (Caterham) receives a 10 grid place penalty on his next grand prix for causing reparable damages to Montero (Lotus). 7.2 Confirmed
Schwaab (Sauber) - R. Bianco (Williams) 2810 Schwaab (Sauber) receives a 5 grid place penalty on this next grand prix for making Bianco (Williams) spin and not giving back the position. 6.4 Confirmed
R. Bianco (Williams) - Walcott (Force India) 4498 R. Bianco (Williams) receives a 10 grid place penalty on this next grand prix for doing little to get out of the race line after going off track, therefore causing an accident with Walcott (Force India). 7.2 Confirmed
Walcott (Force India) - Harto (Caterham) 5384 It was determined that Walcott suffered from a brake failure at that turn launching him into Harto.  - No further action


Official Race Results
Hungary Race Official Results


* Points not awarded because driver did not complete 75% of the race distance.

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List of Participants

Otto Acosta (1)
Janos Magasrevy (1)
Daniel Velazco (1)
Cory Mackey (1)
Sean Higgins (1)
Roberto Bianco (1)
Glen Thomas (1)
Sam Steffy (1)
Richard Walcott (1)
Johan Mola (1)
Leandro Schwaab (1)
Jacobo Cardozo (1)
Keyter Bautista (1)
Samuel Campisciano (1)
Ezequiel Daniel Montero (1)
Richard Haynie (1)
Franco Bianco (1)
Mat Harto (1)